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Tips To Accelerate Internet Download Manager (IDM) – [Latest] ( Updated July 2018)


Simple Tips To Accelerate IDM For Faster and Stable Experience

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Tips to accelerate IDM for more stable and faster experience, it is something we are going to discuss here but firstly we need to know what is the IDM and what it does? It is one of the most frequently used and prominent downloading tools across the world. IDM has millions of users all around the globe. It could be used at the desktops and laptops to download the desired files from the respective locations on web.

This software application IDM makes the downloading process faster than the usual browser’s downloading speed and it also provides the downloading process greater stability. You can download any kind of file from the web space like movies, videos, images, documents and archives etc.

IDM is compatible with various browsers and integrates with them efficiently, browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and many more. So, you can use it with super ease and enjoy your movies, songs or anything you want.

How to Accelerate IDM:

As per the statistics IDM is very much able to download files 5 times faster than the usual speeds. Moreover, you can increase the downloading speed even more than that with few available tricks. Here we are going to share few such tricks.

Boost the downloading Speed with IDM optimizer 2016:

The effective tool to increase the downloading speed there is an application called IDM Optimizer 2016. It is very easy to download and install and it boosts the downloading speed by making few changes in the default Internet Download Manager.

You need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. First you need to download the IDM Optimizer
  2. Next, Run IDM Optimizer
  3. Now, click optimize IDM button
  4. You need to wait a while till the successful optimization of IDM
  5. Then, Click OK button and then finish

IDM optimizer 2016 basically makes some changes in the default settings in order to make the downloading speed faster.

Few Changes Take Place in Default Settings to Accelerate the Downloading Speed:

As we said above that there are few changes that need to be made in default settings of IDM so that the downloading speed could be increased by this IDM Optimizer 2016.

To make it happen please follow these below mentioned steps:

  1. Open IDM
  2. At the gear icon you need to select menu option
  3. Now select the button ‘Connection’ and you have to assign maximum connection number 16 and if your internet speed is good choose 32.
  4. Create a checklist for download limit
  5. Set it not more than 200
  6. Now save it by clicking the button ‘OK’

You can accelerate IDM by making few changes in the Registry Editor:

Making few changes in the registry editor the downloading speed of IDM could be enhanced.

You need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. You need to press Windows+R, Run menu opens up
  2. Put regedit there and click OK
  3. Next, Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Internet Download Manager => Connection Speed => Double click there and you need to choose decimal value and then fill with 999999
  4. Click OK button

You can boost IDM downloading speed by Proxy:

Proxy is an intermediate network which is requested by the client to any other server. Users can enhance the downloading speed with this proxy technique but it totally depends on the proxy quality, if you are using good proxy, results will be better.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go and find any good proxy from the web
  2. Select the most efficient proxy
  3. Then, Open the IDM and you need select the menu option => Proxy / socks
  4. Click ‘OK’ and save the settings

By applying above mentioned tricks to your systems you can easily get the amazing speed out of your IDM what you are currently using for downloading your movies, songs, games and anything from the internet.

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